Contact Lens Exams in West Hollywood, CA

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You need a pair of contacts — but before that, you need to get a contact lens exam. It’s a standard, no-stress part of your appointment that will ensure that the right lenses end up on your eyes, whether it’s a traditional soft lens to supplement your favorite pair of specs, or a specialty lens to help treat a condition. Either way, our friendly team of experts has your back!

What Are Contact Lens Exams?

A contact lens exam is like a comprehensive eye exam but is designed to determine your eligibility for contact lenses. We accurately assess your eyes to determine your vision prescription and eye health, but with additional tests to measure the curves of your cornea, tear film, and more — the point is that when it comes time to receive your contact lenses, that they fit comfortably and let you see clearly.

Man undergoing contact lens exam
Close-up of eye

Why Are Contact Lens Exams Important?

Small differences can have a huge impact on your sight; anyone who has jokingly put on their friend’s prescription eyeglasses knows this. This matters when we measure your vision prescription: glasses sit on the bridge of the nose, whereas contact lenses rest directly on the surface of the cornea, so you need a different test to ensure that your test is accurate. Furthermore, because your contacts touch the eye, your eye doctor needs to make sure that your eyes don’t have a sensitivity or condition that requires a specialty contact lens.

Our Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Equipment

Our team has access to some of the best eye imaging equipment in optometry, including state-of-the-art tech like Optos, OCT, LipiScan, and more. We also have a team that knows how to use the exam results to the fullest to clarify your vision and protect your eye health. At Positive Eye Ons, we also enjoy showing you the test results and working through them, so that you have a full understanding of your care and can work with us a team to guarantee all your needs are met.

Cutting-edge diagnostic equipment at Positive Eye Ons
Woman undergoing contact lens eye exam

Why Choose Positive Eye Ons for Your Contact Lens Exam?

Come to Positive Eye Ons for your contact lens fitting because we have three things that make your life easier: a compassionate team that cares about you, a hassle-free appointment process in a cozy atmosphere, and the advanced diagnostic tech necessary to see everything that’s happening in your eyes. Book an appointment today and take advantage of our disciplined approach to your eye care — our team is committed to exceeding your expectations.