Children’s Eye Exams in West Hollywood

Personable & Easygoing: Pediatric Eye Exams Your Kid Will Love!

The compassionate, relaxed environment we’ve established at Positive Eye Ons works well when you bring your kiddos in to get their exam. We know visiting the eye doctor can be intimidating, which is why we keep it light and breezy, encouraging jokes and going out of our way to put your child at ease. We want them to enjoy themselves while we give a high-tech pediatric eye exam, that way we have the info we need to meet any vision or eye health needs your child may have.

What Are Pediatric Eye Exams?

Kids are still growing, and developing eyes are at risk for eye conditions specific to that stage of their life. And that’s what we look for: in addition to running the tests typical in a comprehensive eye exam where we check your child’s vision and eye health — using state-of-the-art, child-friendly equipment — but we run additional tests that check for the kinds of issues that are specific to developing eyes. This includes conditions like nearsightedness (myopia), crossed eyes (strabismus), and lazy eyes (amblyopia).

Little girl undergoing pediatric eye exam
Blurry vision

Why Are Pediatric Eye Exams Important?

Vision is fundamental to success in school, social skills, and all-around quality of life. Being proactive about the development of your child’s eyes means ensuring they don’t fall behind in their studies because their vision makes it difficult to focus and see the board. It also means protecting their health: conditions like myopia (nearsightedness) increase the risk of developing diseases later in life. This makes early intervention of eye disease important, because our experienced eye doctors can detect some eye conditions before symptoms develop.

Our Tech-Driven Children’s Eye Exams

At Positive Eye Ons, we use the most advanced diagnostic equipment, including OCT and Optos imager, to get a comprehensive look at your child’s eyes. And it is comprehensive: we can see every detail and contour of the cornea, retina, and surrounding tissue — and if we do see something, our caring team of eye doctors will immediately intervene, whether that means recommending some stylish eyeglasses your child will love or creating a customized plan to treat a condition.

Pediatric eye exam at Positive Eye Ons
Family choosing eyeglasses at Positive Eye Ons

Why Choose Us for Your Children’s Eye Exam?

For 35 years, our compassionate team has served families like yours, and the valued relationships we’ve formed with our patients is why so many members of our staff have spent their careers here. We deliver the best, and for us, that word best means creating a cozy atmosphere where kids feel safe to open up, communicate their needs, and receive exemplary care. And that high-quality care begins with establishing trust and their pediatric eye exam.