Meet Our Eye Doctors in West Hollywood

Your Friendly Neighborhood Optometrists

At Positive Eye Ons, you’ll find that getting your eyes checked feels more like catching up with old friends than a routine visit. Imagine a place where terms like ‘astigmatism’ and ‘diopters’ are mixed with friendly banter about your latest Netflix binge. Our doctors excel not just in pinpointing hyperopia from a distance but in creating an atmosphere where laughter is as common as eye drops. Come for the expertise, stay for those relaxed West Hollywood vibes.

Meet Dr. Stybel

Dr. Ryan Stybel is a man of the community. Since 2008, he’s helped reshape Positive Eye Ons to reflect its clientele, both in terms of the services we offer and the eyewear brands and styles we carry. He knows that compassion and patient-first care come from the top, and he leads by example, making every patient who comes through our doors feel special. To give back, he also volunteers at The Saban Free Clinic. Highly trained and experienced, Dr. Stybel’s areas of expertise include ocular disease, pediatrics, primary care, and referral care.

Dr. Ryan Stybel

Meet Our Team

Meet the Positive Eye Ons eye care team that helps make our patient experience so special. Like friends at any neighborhood hangout, we know most of our patients on a first-name basis — and with that camaraderie, we also deliver comprehensive, unparalleled eye care.
Dr. Zachary Shore

Dr. Zachary Shore

Dr. Shore is a highly experienced optometrist who is fluent in Spanish and has extensive experience in managing irregular corneal conditions, comprehensive eye exams, and fitting specialty lenses, including scleral lenses. His attention to detail and ability to connect on a personal level make Dr. Shore a favorite among patients.

Dr. Cloris Castro

Dr. Cloris Castro

A well-trained and Spanish bilingual optometrist who is following her mom’s footsteps into eye care, Dr. Castro graduated Magna Cum Laude from Kentucky College of Optometry and expertly provides comprehensive eye exams, eyeglass and contact lens fittings, and ocular disease treatment.