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Our Quality Services Will Exceed Your Expectations

Caring staff, ultra-modern tech, full scope care — what more could you want? At Positive Eye Ons, we make your eye care a breeze, because in addition to wanting to give you clear, comfortable vision, we also don’t want you to needlessly worry. We’ve spent more than three decades building a practice that fully services families with top-notch eye care in West Hollywood, and we are always improving. Whether you need an updated prescription or effective myopia management for your child, we are your number one source for vision care.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

The comprehensive eye exams you receive at Positive Eye Ons are extremely high tech, and we will review and explain your results with you so you can better understand your own vision and eye health. We also offer specialized eye exams for some patients:

Man undergoing a comprehensive eye exam at Positive Eye Ons in West Hollywood
Woman getting dry eye treatment in West Hollywood, CA

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye is a growing problem that affects millions of Americans, and you do not need to suffer. Our team will provide you with a highly accurate eye exam to determine the causes of your condition, and work with you to create a customized dry eye treatment plan that ensures your long-term relief.

Eye Disease Management

We have the advanced tech and expertise you need to detect and treat a wide range of eye conditions. Our services include, but are not limited to:

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Person putting in a contact lens

Hard to Fit Contacts

No two sets of eyes are created equal, and not everyone has eyes suited for traditional contacts. Some eyes are sensitive, while others have a preexisting eye condition that requires a special lens. Dr. Stybel, Dr. Shore, and Dr. Castro specialize in contact lens fittings, which includes specialty contacts including scleral lenses. Specialty contact lenses are great for handling conditions like dry eye treatment, myopia management, and more.

Emergency Eye Care

We are equipped to handle most eye emergencies. For conditions we cannot treat, we have a robust eye care network that allows us to redirect you to the best provider for your urgent concern. If you or a loved one have an eye emergency during business hours, please contact us right away.

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Why choose Positive Eye Ons for eye exams?

Why Choose Us

At Positive Eye Ons, our compassionate team of caring individuals takes full scope care of you the minute you walk in the door. Our friendly reception makes the paperwork a breeze and waiting times low, and our opticians and eye doctors go out of our way to ensure you and your family receive top-notch vision care that alleviates your needs — and blows your expectations out of the water. Book an appointment to see what sets our team apart!