Pediatric Vision Care in West Hollywood, CA

Children’s Eye Care You Can Count On

At Positive Eye Ons Optometry, we believe that everyone in the family deserves to look and feel their best, which is why we like to go above and beyond with children’s eye care. We enjoy meeting them at their level and cracking jokes — our staff is very kid-friendly, and relaxed children have a much easier time making the most out of their appointment experience. Book an appointment and see why we’re celebrated as a family-friendly, full scope eye care practice!

Eyewear for the Whole Family!

Kids can be every bit as picky as adults when it comes to their eyewear. Our friendly staff understands that a children’s eyewear style has a big impact on their confidence and social skills, which is why we take our time to guide them through our extensive range of child-sized eyewear and help them pick out frames they’ll love. We believe that choosing new glasses should be a fun and stress-free experience; we want kids to leave our practice with a new spring in their step and boosted self-esteem.

Father and son looking at eyewear for the whole family
Little girl getting a pediatric eye exam at Positive Eye Ons in West Hollywood

Pediatric Eye Exams

The pediatric eye exams we give our young patients is similar to the comprehensive eye exams that we give adults, but with a few differences: the equipment is fun-sized, the conversation is light-hearted and age-appropriate, and we conduct special tests to check for conditions children and adolescents are more likely to experience, like myopia, strabismus, and amblyopia.

Myopia Management

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is one of the most common conditions that children experience. Our pediatric eye care programs include a wide selection of tech-driven myopia management options. Early intervention for your child’s myopia can help slow myopia’s progression, and your child will enjoy a reduced risk of developing other serious eye conditions later in life.

Blurry vision caused by myopia
Little boy trying on glasses

Why Choose Us for Pediatric Vision Care

Choosing the right eye doctor for your children’s eye care can be stressful: how do you know we work well with kids, or have the expertise you need to ensure their needs are fully met? At Positive Eye Ons, we invest in cutting-edge technology specifically to give your children top-notch exams and treatment for any condition they may have, along with a large selection of children’s eyewear in all shapes, colors, and styles. Additionally, our compassionate staff has a great deal of experience serving pediatric patients, and we enjoy the rewarding nature of providing clear, comfortable vision to young eyes. Our commitment is not just to meet your needs, but exceed them!